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The Team

Catherine Bell, Founder

Carry On Watson was founded by Catherine Bell who launched the brand in August 2016. An avid traveler who would have liked nothing more than to follow in her distant relative Dr David Livingstone’s footsteps and spend her days discovering far flung destinations around the world.

However, with much of Africa now discovered she has turned her energies to injecting some inspiration and imagination into the travel luggage market. Catherine has spent the past 20 + years traveling and working around the world, taking any working opportunity which gave her passage to lands unknown. She has been an exchange student in Japan, university student in Thailand (twice), worked in tax for the Thai government in Bangkok, raised the Australian flag in Denmark and Sweden on behalf of the Australian Embassy, hauled dive tanks in the Cayman Islands and set up a CEO forum business in Singapore.

Currently, Catherine is based out of Sydney, Australia, and as always, planning her next trip.

Andrew Smith, Operations

Renaissance Man. Andrew has been working in IT Services and Telecommunications for 15 years. Previously Andrew has managed a General Store in Noosa, cleaned Hotel rooms in Sydney, worked on a fishing boat in Greece, been a Navy Diver and more recently established a Burger Restaurant Chain in Singapore. Having lived and travelled overseas for over 16 years, Andrew is always keen for an adventure and loves being in an Outrigger Canoe or just generally on or in the water.

Mike Bell, Photographer

Mike’s CV spans 20 years wearing many hats in the Image Colour & Image Quality Management Fields. His titles have included High End Film Scanner Operator, Film Combiner, Magazine Prepress Mac Operator, Colour Management Specialist, Graphic Designer and last but not least Professional Photographer. Alongside many of Carry On Watson’s feature photos Mike’s photography work has been featured extensively in Australia’s R.M.Williams Outback Magazine. See more on Mike Bell here –