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Sarah York

Sarah York

Collaboration Story

We came across Sarah online and instantly fell in love with her designs and style. There was an instant connection and serendipity to the collaboration with both of us just returning from trips to Hawaii. It was an easy partnership – both lovers of travel and keen to see this project come to life. Together, we set out to come up with gorgeous country inspired designs that would bring the ‘Watson’ bag to life. Sarah’s natural talent and flair for creating gorgeous floral designs and her interest in the story really comes across in these amazing unique designs. We hope you love them as much as we do because we certainly loved working on this project together.


  • Gumnut

    Gumnut Gumnut

    A wink to the Australian children’s classic story books by May Gibbs, SungglePot and CuddlePie, this design captures the famed Australian eucalyptus tree that can be found in most parts of Australia. This hardy tree, of which there are over 700 types, has become synonymous with Australian heritage and identity featuring in much of the countries art, music and literature.

  • Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie, a French word loosely meaning ‘China style or taste’ is inspired by Chinese or rather Oriental art and design from the 17th- 18th century. At the time, extremely exotic to those from the West it was often copied and adopted by the wealthy and used in interiors across Europe. Still popular today, the whimsical, sometimes fanciful prints have been used to adorn walls, clothes, furniture, tableware, fabrics and porcelain to name a few.

  • Aloha

    Aloha Aloha

    A classic design that just shouts holiday, paradise and beach, this design is inspired by the vintage Hawaii style that you see on old posters / postcards. We believe it gives you a nostalgic feeling of times past, simple life, waves lapping, palm trees swaying, sun shining and sand between your toes. Enough said, right?

  • Sakura

    Sakura Sakura

    Japan. It’s so unique that it’s hard not to be fascinated and intrigued by its people and culture. Sakura, the Japanese word for cherry blossom has been part of Japanese traditional culture for centuries. Hanging out under the tree’s, eating and drinking sake is just one of the enjoyments this tree brings the Japanese. The blossom has come to symbolize a number of meanings surrounding Buddhism, mortality, life, art, music and even military

  • Otomi

    Otomi Otomi

    Inspired by the indigenous Otomi group from Mexico, craftswomen would use embroidery to portray mythical animals and people using bright colours to capture the cosmovision. The depiction of life, believed by some to be inspired by ancient wall paintings has morphed over time to include new subject matter to narrate time, history and today’s artisan impressions.

  • Carry On Watson (COW)

    Carry On Watson (COW)

    A black and white mono print painted with floral accents available on both black and white bags. This print has also been used for the luggage dust bag.


Hi, I’m Sarah York! I’m a textile and surface pattern Designer, living in San Francisco, CA.  l’ve been drawn to art, textiles and patterns from a young age, before I knew that the job of pattern designer even existed. I get excited about the entire process of creating from concept, painting, to repeat and seeing them on a finished product.

I’m a California native and love the natural beauty the state has to offer. I also love travelling and am most at home anywhere my family is. The adventure of travelling is the best kind of inspiration and I am always planning our next journey. I also find inspiration around the city, museums, colors, books, films, and always flowers. Florals are my favorite inspiration and pattern subject!

My background is varied, as I have a BA in Art History and graduated from the Institute for Textile Print Design in Berkeley, CA (formerly CA School of Professional Fabric Design) where I trained as an apprentice in classical hand painting techniques and Photoshop and Illustrator. I really enjoy the combination of hand painting with the latest technology to create something totally unique and special. I also studied Fashion Design in London and have worked for Interior Design firms and a high end home textile design firm in San Francisco.

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