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30th MAY 2017

Today, Carry On Watson, a start-up luggage company based in Sydney has announced it will be partnering with Foster Care Angels to provide free luggage for children living in foster care.

For every bag sold, Carry On Watson will provide Foster Care Angels with a free bag to be given to a child living in foster care, residential care or group homes.

Children placed in foster care are often forced to relocate with little notice and often arrive at foster homes or residential care facilities with nothing more than garbage bags full of their belongings.

By providing children with their own brand new Carry On Watson suitcase, the company hopes to give these disenfranchised children a sense of pride and self-worth and help make the relocation process a little less distressful. With over 20,000 young people currently living in foster care across New South Wales, Carry On Watson believes that no child should have to travel from home to home with their belongings in a garbage bag.


Carry On Watson is a start-up luggage company that specialises  in creating custom print carry-on luggage. The brand collaborates with international artists to create unique designs inspired by destinations from around the world.

Founder of Carry On Watson, Catherine Bell says “Seeing and hearing first-hand the challenges of those caring is tough, even more so is seeing kids with little certainty around where and who they will be living with is heartbreaking. For a developed country as affluent as Australia, we should be doing everything we can to support these young kids to break the cycle, and to ensure they enter adulthood with a fighting chance”.

Kelly Doyle, Founder and President of Foster Care Angels said, “Generous donations from companies like Carry On Watson means we can reach more children and young people and help them through these tough times with love and care. Something as simple as a luggage bag that they can count as their own can help reassure the children that they are valued.”

100% volunteer run, Foster Care Angels relies on donations from individuals and businesses to provide their services. Donations from businesses allow Foster Care Angels to continue enriching the lives of children during times of hardship.

For more information about Foster Care Angels and the work they do, or if you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit

To help equip young foster kids with a ‘Watson’ piece of luggage, head to and buy a bag, to give a bag!

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About Foster Care Angels

Foster Care Angels is a not-for-profit organisation which provides care for children and young people in the foster care system in New South Wales. Their services include Care Packages, Bed in a Bag, Computers for Kids and Weekend Carer Retreat, each providing assistance to foster children and carers.


About Carry On Watson

Carry On Watson is a travel inspired company collaborating with artists to produce custom print carry-on luggage that people want to travel with. They are re-thinking luggage, breaking away from the black bag and giving people the option to choose something that reflects their personality and their love of travel. Carry On!!