So with only 48 hours in San Francisco, I think I did a pretty good job covering some decent territory and taking in some of the ‘must-do’s’ around the city. I love to pound the pavement when discovering new places, so often end up in back-streets and areas unintended for the tourist. It’s in these area’s you really do get a glimpse into the life of a person living, working and playing in the city.

My 48 hours started with checking into the Hotel Union Square, which is right in the centre of things. It’s only 3 star, cheap in comparison with surrounding hotels but it is completely sufficient for a solo traveller or couple using it purely as a base to get out and about.

First up was a ferry over to Sausalito to wander the Marina area and check out some of the amazing house boats anchored off the piers. Some of these house boats had certainly been given a face lift that would challenge most conventional homes for comfort and space. Nearby we stopped in for some lunch at ‘Fish’, a cash only shack, hidden away waterside on a pier which serves the most delectable crab roll. I’m pretty sure the crab had been soaking in butter for a good 12 hours before I got to it. We paired our oysters and crab roll with some beer from Ballast Point – ‘Grapefruit Sculpin’. All in all, it was a totally satisfying meal and I left licking my lips of crabbed up butter.

Later in the day we drove around the hilltops of San Fran, or Frisco as I’m told it prefers to be referred to and took in the famous Lombard Street which was crawling with tourists. Frankly, it’s hard to appreciate when you’re actually on the street and seems way more impressive from many of the aerial photos that have been taken, but nonetheless, I’ve ticked Lombard street off my list. Adding to that list of course was the Golden Gate Bridge. Iconic and wonderful to see in person.

That evening, we checked out Jones, a rooftop bar that was a great spot to down a few well-made martini’s. The weather was perfect, so a totally pleasant spot to take in the city atmosphere. We moved on to a few other corner bar spots which were heaving, but sadly can’t remember the names. Whoops.

The next morning, we lined up for some pancakes at Sear’s Fine Food’s Grill. Clearly very popular with a comprehensive breakfast menu. It gave me the feeling like we had stepped into the film set of Back to the Future, the diner scene;-)  Jury is out on whether I’d recommend this place, unlikely I would return if that is any indication. After the massive 18 stack Swedish pancakes, it was absolutely time to get walking. I covered some serious ground on this loop de loop, taking in the business district, then following the Embarcadero road all the way down to Pier 39. You could spend an entire day walking the piers, particularly if like me you were there on a weekend when the Ferry Plaza Farmers Markets are on. It’s a great chance to try some of the local produce. In addition to doing that, we also dined at the Tadich Grill, which was by far the best meal I had. Old-school seafood diner which served up the best Seafood Saute. It was a recommendation by the old guys dressed in some seriously schmick waiter’s outfits and a good way to taste a selection of their seafood produce. I give it a five stars and would definitely go back for a second go.

Finally, I spent the afternoon strolling around China Town and Little Italy admiring the cultural diversity. There were some great little side streets, churches, shops and restaurants that I’ve made a note of for my next visit.

With only 48 hours, I have only scratched, if that, the surface of this large, diverse, colourful and beautiful city. Hope to be back again soon… and promise to be wearing some flowers in my hair!