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Aren’t we all looking for ways to be more organized in every area of life possible? Holidays are probably the number one time we crave being stress-free, without those pesky little forgetful mistakes such as forgetting really important items! It gets all the more complicated when you are travelling as a large family, or if you have a couple of kids in tow. Here are a few tips to make sure you have all the equipment you need, stowed away in the most convenient ways, so you can know that you have everything you need for yourself and your little ones!

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Snacks

When you are travelling with little ones, snacks are essential. Long waits at the airport, long drives or times when the kids just won’t be quiet! Make sure you have a number of packaged snacks, that are easy to carry around (and preferably also healthy). Keep stocked up with little boxes of raisins, granola bars and fruit. If it’s too inconvenient to pack these before you go, stock up once you get there - but don’t forget to have a little something for the kids to have at the airport!

There’s No Point In Overpacking

Even though you definitely want to be prepared, there is no point in overpacking - as it just adds stress, clutter and makes it harder to find everything! Catherine Bell, founder of a travel luggage company, has a couple of tips on this:

Know Your Destination:
Understanding the climate of your destination will help you be very specific about the type of gear you need to pack. I know it sounds obvious, but even Googling the weather just before you leave, albeit we all know the weatherman/women don’t always get it right, will mean that you haven’t packed unnecessary and bulky items.

Pack Light:
The least amount of stuff you need to lug around, the better. Plan or guesstimate the type of activities you will be participating in, i.e. lying by the beach, hitting theme-parks with the kids, hiking, dining out and or extreme sports will all call for different outfits. Multi-task your wardrobe and your shoes to ensure they have multiple uses across the various activities to reduce bulk in your bag. Pick non-bulky items, specifically clothes that can be compressed, and preferably wrinkle free, so leave out the linen!”

To learn more fabulous tips from Catherine, look up her website as well as Facebook and Instagram pages.

Make Sure You Have Transport Entertainment Covered

Most parents know the struggle of being stuck in a long car or plane journey with a screaming little one in tow - so why not make sure you have entertainment covered. Rather than just bringing along a book or ipad, why not consider a different option? Consider looking into Ooshies, which can be the perfect way to keep kids occupied while you embark on a road trip:

“From Superman and Batman to Harley Quinn, the Joker, Iron Man, and many more, there's a never-ending parade of fun and memorable characters in the Ooshies line. With Ooshies, your child has a fun, cute, and collectable way to create all kinds of fantastic comic book movies. Best of all, they can do it as they write and practice penmanship because Ooshies are more than just DC characters — they're pencil toppers, too. With a random assortment appearing in every pack, it's always a fun surprise for your child to see what Ooshies they'll get today.”

To find out more about this awesome product, check it out on Facebook, and look into both online and offline purchases!

Leave Out The Electronics

There may be the odd few electronic items that you do need on a trip - but for the majority of them, just leave them at home! Leaving behind gadgets and technology will help you disconnect and have a truly relaxing holiday, away from the dramas of work or any other struggles back home. It is also good for kids to connect with nature, talk with the family and find other ways of spending their free time than using an ipad. Maybe you can read a book that you’ve been dying to share with them together? This also facilitates bonding during the family vacation, and you can all use this time away from work and school to really spend quality time with one another. Not to mention, you will save heaps of packing space!

Bring Along A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit isn’t something that you necessarily think of first when packing for your vacation - however you never know when you might need one. Especially if your holiday is an active one with hiking, running, swimming and the like, there is definitely the possibility of someone getting hurt. First Aid For You explains that there are a few must-have items that should definitely feature on your packlist:

“It’s an often forgotten item and it’s not until we need a first aid kit, that we rely on out-dated items. First Aid For You has you covered, so you can head off on holidays with everything you hopefully won’t need!

The First Aid For You, first aid kit is perfect for the home or car and handy when taking the kids out and about. Personal medications such as puffers and epipens can be stored in the personal pocket of the First Aid For You First Aid Kit, there are also spaces for sunscreen and insect repellent.”

Kit Contents from First Aid For You – available online now for purchase
• 50 x bandaids
• 1 x Antiseptic spray 55ml
• 4 x Antiseptic wipes (1 with CPR KIT)
• 1 x Bandage shears, 19cm stainless steel(15cm Handy)
• 6 x Sterile cotton gauze swabs, 2 x packs of 3 7.5cm x 7.5cm
• 1 x CPR Card
• 1 x Emergency blanket, 2.1m x 1.6cm in zip lock bag
• 2 x Eye pads, sterile
• 1 x Fever scan strip
• 1 x First Aid Booklet
• 5 x Hydro gel, 3.5ml sachets
• 1 x Hypo allergenic adhesive tape 25mm
• 2 x Nitrile gloves large (1 pair with CPR mask)
• 3 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 5cm x 5cm
• 1 x Non-adherent wound dressing, sterile, 7.5cm x 10cm
• 3 x Plastic bags (3 sizes)
• 1 x Pressure bandage, heavy weight, 10cm x 1.8m unstretched
• 1 x Smart bandage, 2m x 10cm, Pressure Bandage
• 1 x Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair gloves & antiseptic wipe (in CPR KIT)
• 6 x Safety pins, 4 large, 2 small
• 4 x Saline, 15ml
• 5 x Splinter probes, individual, comes in 1 pack of 5
• 1 x Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
• 1 x Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel (small Handy)
• 3 x Wound closures, individual, comes in 1 pack of 3
• 1 x Wound dressings, No 14 medium, sterile
• 1 x Instant ice pack 160mm x 90mm
So be prepared for the worst case scenario, and find out more about First Aid For You on Facebook and Instagram.

So pack up your bags & get ready for the vacation of a lifetime, knowing that you are fully equipped and nothing can get in your way of having a good time!