Get Lost – Why travelling without an itinerary is the best

We are all different travellers. Each of us have our own ideal holiday (check out the 'People We Love' section) that is unique to us; serial daydreamers such as myself might have quite a few. Some of us will like an orderly, planned-out holiday that will ensure that all the sights and cities visited in a prompt and orderly fashion. I, however, am not one of those people. Today, we’ll be sharing some of the reasons why getting lost with no itinerary can be the most liberating and exciting way to travel… just don’t lose your bag.

Try things outside your comfort zone

This is the big one. Forcing yourself to travel by the seat of your pants may be terrifying, but it will surely get you out of your comfort zone. Taking the advice of strange travellers or locals regarding what sights to see, and what places to stay in may end up producing some of the highlights of your trip. It’s often the experiences we don’t anticipate that end up being the most fun. Opening yourself up to more surprises will mean your trip is going to have a lasting impact.

Meet new people

If you’re travelling without an itinerary, you tend to rely on strangers a lot more. This means you’re going to meet a lot more people. Taking up a stranger’s offer to visit a random museum and hang out for an afternoon will help you forge a connection almost instantly. By the end of the day you’ll be able to add one more to your growing tally of travel buddies, some of which may become lifetime friends. For solo travellers meeting people along the way and having someone to do activities with is vital tool for retaining sanity.

You can slow down

In travel, less is more. Spending more time in one place allows you to get a better feel for the rhythm of life. It enables you to visit at a more relaxed pace, see more than just the highlights, and open up your schedule to the happy accidents of travel. Slowing down can make a huge difference, and will ultimately teach you how to go with the flow.

Get a better understanding of yourself

Constantly following your gut instinct regarding where to go and what to do next will help you stay better in tune with who you are as a traveller; what you like to do, what you like to eat and how you like to live. You will learn to trust yourself, and will ultimately come back from the trip with a greater sense of accomplishment. You will train yourself how to be spontaneous and how to make fast decisions. You will come back home with better life skills that work or school can never teach.

Complete freedom

There’s nothing more annoying than having to leave a place you love simply because you’ve already booked a train to your next destination. Having a blank itinerary means that you can stay wherever you want, for as long as you want. You can take look down those side streets or explore a little area of the town you’ve never heard of. While it can be confronting for some people to have complete control on a holiday with no responsibilities, not having an itinerary to answer to allows you to be selfish for once and do whatever you want in the world!

So go and get lost, but just don't lose your luggage in the process. Grab your very own custom print carry-on limited edition 'Watson' suitcase with your favourite country artwork so you stand out from the crowd and never wonder whose luggage is who again.