Five reasons why travelling with friends is the best way to holiday.

In conjunction with our double bag giveaway, this month at Carry On Watson we are celebrating the joys of friendship and group travel. Today we’re doing a quick run through of some of the reasons why travelling with loved ones is simply the best way to travel.

Someone to laugh with
Having someone alongside you to laugh with and enjoy the lighter moments of your holiday is crucial. You will meet a lot of people on your travels, but will anyone quite have the same sense of humour as you and your bestie? Having someone there to keep you company, converse, and share meals with will help keep you stimulated and social. Being able to share meals also means you get to try twice as much food!

Shared memories
The memories of your travels won’t just be kept to yourself. Some of the best moments of a trip come from being able to reminisce and laugh about those crazy bus trips or nights spent partying. Having someone that you can share those intimate experiences with will not only help strength your bond, but will give you both stories you can share for life. Being able to reminisce about these stories over a beer in your old age is a priceless reward.

It’s Safer
There’s no doubt that travelling with someone else is a lot safer than doing it solo. An extra set of eyes and ears can really go a long way when exploring a foreign country. Especially for women, having someone to walk home with late at night, or to keep an eye on your bag will not only make things safer for you, it also allows you to let your guard down a little bit and alleviate some of the stress associated with travelling. 

It’s cheaper
Travelling with someone else will also help reduce a lot of the costs associated with accommodation, taxi’s and food. Unless you’re planning on staying in shared dorms, halving your accommodation expenses with a friend will make the trip significantly cheaper. Cruise lines frequently charge more for solo travelers because they don't benefit from the additional expenditure of a second passenger. 

It’s less stressful
Two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to planning a holiday. Having someone to help book flights, organise accommodation and research locations will help share some of the responsibilities and reduce the stress associated with planning your trip. Planning a holiday with a friend might also push you to try different things and embark on adventures you wouldn’t normally pursue. It’s often the experiences we don’t anticipate that end up being the most memorable.

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