By Julia Hammond, MyDeal

Style doesn’t need to be a chore. In fact it should be the complete opposite - something that brings joy to your everyday. If you feel pressure to keep up to date and fashionable give one of these style secrets a go to make it easier.


Have a signature look
“My number one style secret that always works like a charm, especially after becoming a mum, is putting red lipstick on. I have a collection of reds that work for my skin type, and I use brighter or darker shades depending on the season and how I want to feel. If wearing red lipstick is something that scares you, try starting with a shade a tiny bit bolder than the one you usually wear (i.e. If you only wear nude colours, try to uplevel it to a coloured gloss!) You'll give your average look an instant boost".


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Stay styled while travelling

“Working out what to take on a trip can be daunting, but the key is to keep it simple, light and multi-purpose. There is nothing worse than being weighed down on your trip, so spend some time figuring out light weight items, iron-free that you can mix and match. Layering works. Accessorize to dress up. Wear your heaviest items, like boots and jackets on-board. Compression bags for space and organisation. Work on a 7-day rotation of outfits. Remember, anything you forget, you can most likely buy where you go, so under-pack, don’t over-pack. We believe you can survive any length of trip with carry on only!”

custom print carry on luggage

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MyDeal Pro Tip:

Choose your materials wisely
If you’ve got a busy day running errands in and out of the car there’s no point wearing a delicate, crushable silk. Not every material was made for every activity. Stick with pared back jeans and cute accessories for the errand days and bring out your nice skirts and dresses when they’ll be treated right.

Embrace your shape

“My number one tip is dress for your body shape! Know what shapes flatter your figure and if you need help with this enlist in a personal styling session. You will be surprised how much you learn about your own body shape and it will help you make better purchases of garments you will look and feel great in!”

sofia polak

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Check yourself out daily
“My number one tip is to stop and take a moment before you leave the house and check yourself out from top-to-toe. You need to see everything about your outfit in one go as this is how you are seen when you are out and about in the street.”

Dr O

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MyDeal Pro Tip:
Find your crossroads of comfort and style
Ok we admit it’s much easier to throw on a tracksuit when you’ll mostly be doing dishes in the kitchen. But there’s something to be said for dressing like everyday is a special occasion. Make an effort even once a week and watch your confidence soar. You’ll be stylish and ready to face the unexpected from answering the door for deliveries to a friend popping over for tea.

Choose trends wisely
“My secret weapon for all clients is to not be obsessed or a slave to fashion trends, they come and go and often it may not suit that person's style or body shape. Instead be comfortable in your style and stay with what work bests for you. Throw in a splash of confidence and you have a complete package and someone that owns their look.”

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Megan Love

May your fashion faux pas’ be a thing of the past. Now that you have all the best style secrets everyday is a catwalk moment.